The Wisdom of Your Dream World
Practical Tools to Get to know Yourself Better
Blending evidence-based research and ancient traditions.  
6 Week class begins in July 2022

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So what is this course all about? Click the link !

Some things you will learn:

- How to use talk to text technology to help you log and interpret your dreams
- A sense of fulfillment from remembering your dreams
- The difference between the subconscious and unconscious
- Habits to remember your dreams 
- Dreams as a way to inspire creativity
- Learn interpretation tools from the schools of Carls Jung, modern psychology, and ancient traditions 

By the end of the course….
- You will have a book of dreams from this workshop
- Feel more connected to yourself
- You be able to remember your dreams
- Learn the difference between your subconscious and unconscious
- Know concrete habits to remember your dreams 

Class format each week.
- Share weekly success
- Education on  Dreams
- Guided meditation and time to practice dream recall and interpretation and retrieving information out of the unconscious  

This course includes 
1-hour group weekly class for 6 weeks
A 30-minute private session for help to interpret your dreams.
Weekly handouts.

**Limited to 10 people for a deeply transformative process!
Classes are recorded so don't worry if you need to miss a class. 

Week 1 - What are dreams and practical tools to remember them
Week 2 - The Subconscious and Unconcious
Week 3 - Is it important or is it memory consolidation?
Week 4 - Interpreting the nuance of place and feeling
Week 5 - Dreams as inspiration for creative outlets and hidden desires
Week 6 - The dream journal presentation

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' Limited to 10 people

The Wisdom of Your Dream World

July Dates to be announced soon! 


What are people saying about Corinne's courses? 

Thanks for the wonderful guidance and wealth of information! You are certainly enhancing the lives of those around you!

Rebecca Kolby

It was also interesting to hear her talk about the science behind it and the various studies supporting the different types of meditation. I never knew there were so many variations! 

Brianna Jackson