The Rennaisance Method

Ignite the Creative Perspective that Frees Your Mind 

The Rennaisance Method

You will love this if you want to ....
- Pick up long-forgotten dreams and projects.
- Have a more innovative and creative approach to your personal life and business.
- Ignite the passion that fuels your life.
- Deepen your meditation practice.
- Bring a sense of creativity into all areas of your life.
- Feel a deeper connection to your soul. 
- Bring more meaning into your life.

Classes consist of :
Meditations to ignite your creativity.
Learn tools to connect to your unconscious through your dreams.
Supporting each other through shared experiences from meditating and creative breakthroughs, Cutting-edge research-based tools for overcoming resistance and celebrating wins.
Optional homework to enhance your meditation and creative practice. 

1-hour a week zoom, homework and the ability to text and reach out throughout the week.
Each week consists of a discussion, practical tools to use throughout the week and a guided meditation
You will learn to:
Hear and trust your inner voice
Cultivate a mindset of openness and innovation
Ignite your passions and creative outlets
Feel more connected to life
Have a deeper sense of meaning
Let go of old disempowering stories
Cultivate the discipline to reach your goals


Week 1 - The why and the habit of creativity and meditation
Week 2 - Using The Dream World – Tools to remember your dreams and an introduction to interpreting them
Week 3 - Explore - Guided Meditation and free flow writing
Week 4 - Awe and Inspiration- – Tools for inspired epiphanies
Week 5 - Awareness - Short Journaling Techniques to unlock the unconscious
Week 6 - Hidden Treasure - Transforming negative to positive
Week 7 - Inspiration - Your connection to the divine, luck, and bringing vision to life
Week 8 - The Full Cup - Sharing the transformation 

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I enjoyed very much the transformation experience through Corinne’s course “Ignite your Creative Passion’. As a result of the practices and techniques she shared with us, I am able to not only feed my passions and have a mindset of constant curiosity and a sense of exploration but to help others close to my heart to feed their passions as well. She added tremendous value to my life. So, I highly recommend Corinne's course.

Maribel Reyna

CEO Verbal Bridges

The course with Corinne made me be aware that pushing myself of doing creative things on purpose, helps my soul to express itself and by doing so, the state of the physical body and mental state connects deeply with my soul.

Pedro Botero

Project Manager