What people are saying ...

“I am newer to meditation and I was amazed how Corinne was able to guide me into relaxation and how refreshed I would feel after even just 15 minutes of meditation. The other thing I really appreciated, being a numbers person, is the scientific research and data she provided that supports the benefits of meditation.”

Ryan Jackson

U.S. Navy Officer

"Such an impactful and practical course! Corinne has put together a wealth of information and tools to help people who have experienced spiritual awakenings to move forward on their journeys with greater understanding and/or healing. She is a living testament to the tips and techniques she shares. Many people teach, but not all embody what they are teaching, as she does."

Rebecca M.


Meditation can feel mysterious and out of reach, but in her course, Meditation for Busy People, Corinne Lebrun offers a variety of simple methods to shatter that illusion. Participants are sure to find an approach that resonates for them. A gentle and gifted teacher, Corinne also shares the scientific research behind meditation’s benefits. Meditation for Busy People is a fantastic place to begin a life-changing journey!

Deb Froese

Executive Editor -Indigo River Publishing 

“I have had a lot going on in my work and life recently so when I entered the sessions my heart was often racing and my anxiety was at full capacity. Corinne’s group meditation sessions were soothing and always had me departing calm and ready to take on the next challenge in my day!! It was also interesting to hear her talk about the science behind it and the various studies supporting the different types of meditation. I never knew there were so many variations! You should definitely join her next session and see for yourself!”

Brianna Jackson

US Navy - Engineer

Corinne Lebrun's online group meditations have been such a blessing for me. That break in the middle of the day allows my brain to reboot and refocus for a relaxed, positive, productive afternoon. Corinne also offers interesting, evidence-based information about meditation as well as simple techniques that I've adopted in my everyday life that give me energy and serenity throughout the week. If you have the opportunity to join one of Corinne's meditation groups, I highly recommend them if you want to feel more relaxed, clear-headed, and effective at whatever you're doing. - Trish Wilkinson

Trish Wilkinson

Founder - Brain Stages

This is an amazing meditation series. It really helped me refocus during my week. If you haven’t taken Corinne’s meditation series, you’re missing out.

-Fritz Colinet

CEO Retna Media 

Thanks for the wonderful guidance and wealth of information! You are certainly enhancing the lives of those around you!

Rebecca Colby

Patient Care

Corinne has a unique ability to utilize her extensive leadership, spiritual and managerial skills to dissect and find solutions to complex issues.

Mo Cisse

CEO Meraki Allure

I enjoyed working with Corinne on a high-profile project a few years ago. As a result of her contribution, we were able to win the opportunity and add tremendous value to the executive team and organization as a whole. Corinne is an extreme pleasure to work with and is an out-of-the-box thinker. I had the opportunity to witness her zone of genius!

Ron Nash

CEO JSA Global

I enjoyed very much the transformation experience through Corinne’s course “Ignite your Creative Passion’. As a result of the practices and techniques she shared with us, I am able to not only feed my passions and have a mindset of constant curiosity and a sense of exploration but to help others close to my heart to feed their passions as well. She added tremendous value to my life.  So, I highly recommend Corinne's course. 

Maribel Reyna

CEO Verbal Bridges

The course with Corinne made me be aware that pushing myself of doing creative things on purpose, helps my soul to express itself and by doing so, the state of the physical body and mental state connects deeply with my soul.

Pedro Botero

Project Manager