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Corinne Lebrun M. S. 

Transformation Catalyst, TEDx Speaker,  Innovator, Author

Corinne  is an author, scholar, mentor and business consultant. She is fascinated by the true human potential and mind-body science. Her academic studies focus on social psychology and how to become more aware of unconscious social agreements in order to inspire innovative thinking. She also studies how meditation can be used as a tool to become aware of unconscious cognitive constructs and bias, leading to greater human connection. She applies these themes in her work with organizations and individuals to inspire creativity and innovation. Corinne is working on her Ph.D. in Psychology at Walden University and is the author of A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors.

She is also a business consultant that leads organizations through rapid growth and change. She has been a start-up funding advisor for the New Mexico Angels, the Los Alamos National Laboratory Technology Transfer Program, and has been a deal analyst for several private investors. She also raised capital as an entrepreneur for a newspaper franchise. She has worked with international start-ups and nonprofits across many sectors, from tech, health, media, transportation, construction, and scientific research. As a management consultant, she helps purpose-driven companies developand implement strategy that facilitates sustainable and agile growth.  

More about Corinne

I've always wondered how my endless curiosity about the hidden human potential, mind-body science, and transpersonal psychology would merge with the business expertise I've collected over the years.

The time has finally come with the advent of movements like conscious capitalism, yoga becoming main-stream, and meditation becoming a common household practice.
I've been a business owner and helped numerous purpose-driven start-ups to launch their success and worked with non-profits to fulfill their missions.

I most enjoyed researching for information and creating conferences, seminars, and training to share that with people. I also really loved providing people a sense of inclusion, warmth, and transformation in these events. Human dynamics fascinated me so much that I studied social psychology and ended up with a Masters' of Science in the field.

And while I was doing that, I also continued to ferociously devour knowledge about social psychology, cognitive psychology, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, mysticism, mind-body science physics, ancient mystery traditions and alternative medicine. I also love the arts and have written a book, tons of poetry, a feature-length screenplay, am a fusion belly dancer, a painter from time to time, and a novice musician. I'm sure I'll try on many more artistic endeavors as time goes on. I love life! I love sharing all of these gifts and look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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Corinne was featured in the film Awakening the Goddess, a documentary on Kundalini Awakenings, and is also the author of "A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors." She has an M.S. in Psychology and is working on her Ph.D. She is also a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and has numerous certifications in healing traditions. She uses these skills to help others fully participate in the world while reaching further inner and outer spiritual dimensions.

TEDx Speaker - 2022 - Is it a Screen or is it a Portal? Reframing the Concept of Screentime

When we understand that our screens are the portal to an ever-expanding invisible dimension of knowledge, then our perception shifts.  Technology forward-thinking to help us use the global atmosphere for innovation and creative expression.

YouTube - Is it a Screen or is it a Portal

In the Media

Podcast, Film, and Speaking. Corinne is an innovative and vibrant guest!

Podcast Guest

Seller Sessions Amazon FBA and Private Label - Finding Meaning in An Uncertain World with Corinne Lebrun Seller Sessions Amazon FBA and Private Label - Podcast hosted by Izabela Hamilton

Podcast Guest

Spirituality vs Curiosity - with Corinne Lebrun Podcast hosted by Emm Vibes

Podcast Guest

The Multipotentialite Mindset with  Corinne Lebrun - Same Business Different Day  - Podcast hosted by Zeke Corley

YouTube Version

PodCast Guest

The Search for Why  with Corinne Lebrun - The Cam and Otis Show 
YouTube Version

Interviewed Guest

2017 - IMDb - Awakening the Goddess: An Exploration of Kundalini Corinne Lebrun appears as an interviewed guest

Books by Corinne Lebrun 

 A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors

f you are willing to walk the extra mile to bring a sense of the divine purpose to your life, then give yourself some credit. You’re a badass! It’s not easy! Here is a great handbook to help you stay on your path and feel connected to your spiritual gifts.  Find here on Amazon!

Keynote Topics

Invite Corinne Lebrun to be a Speaker at your Event

Corinne Lebrun is warm and charismatic. Her genuine presence, joy, and wide span of expertise provide valuable insights into looking at the world that spark true transformation. Her approach bridges intuitive knowledge with evidence-based tools for engaging and useful topics. Her expertise in business, psychology, and meditation sparks unique topics, inspiration, and fun. Corinne is also known for sometimes including dance, poetry or art that inspires her audience.

Is it a Screen or is it a Portal - Reframing the Concept of Screentime

Empowering our perspective of screentime. A short version of this 30 min talk was given at Tedx Wilmington, DE in April 2022. 

The Secret Tools of a Badass Spiritual Warrior

Being spiritual ultimately is about kindness, awareness and removing our lens of conditioning.  But there are other practical and research-based tools to help anyone feel more connected to their hearts and intuition during tough times. These are highlights from Corinne's book  "A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors."  

You're Sitting in My Chair

Organizational psychology often focuses on matching personality types to the right teams and positions, however, group dynamics are a powerful subconscious motivators.  They are will make or break the sucess of integrating new CEO's, Managers, and Team Members. Be the one that knows what's going on and it will seem like you are a wizard. 

Meditation meets Science - Practical Tools for Busy People

Meditation is the way to stop the inner chatter and open the door to inner peace. Learn practical tools to quickly get into a meditative state, and why they work. And you might learn a few secret tools of the ancient ninja masters in how to use meditation as a way to cultivate your intuition and use it in all aspects of your life. 

Keys to Creativity and Innovation 

When life just seems to keep going, it’s easy to get swept up and forget about ourselves. Learn ways to get to know yourself and find your inspiration, and develop the habits to cultivate that spark. Learn how to find experiences of awe and where you are creative in surprising ways so that you can feel inspired and see the world through a new lens. 

Interview Questions For Corinne

You have so many interests! What is it like being a renaissance person/multipotentialite? What drives you? 
What got you interested in the science of meditation? 
What is your perspective on technology and it's impact on humanity? 
What made you write the book "A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors." What is your next book? 
What is something you have learned about science and human consciousness that you would like to pass on? 
What forms of art have you explore ? What was the most rewarding? 
What is your favorite country? Do you speak other languages?
What best practices can you suggest for new entrepreneurs? 
How does spirituality apply to business? 

Testimonials on Corinne's Talents

Corinne has a unique ability to utilize her extensive leadership, spiritual and managerial skills to dissect and find solutions to complex issues.

Mo Cisse

CEO - Meraki Clothing

I enjoyed working with Corinne on a high-profile project a few years ago. As a result of her contribution, we were able to win the opportunity and add tremendous value to the executive team and organization as a whole. Corinne is an extreme pleasure to work with and is an out-of-the-box thinker. I had the opportunity to witness her zone of genius!

Ron Nash

Career Therapist 

“I have had a lot going on in my work and life recently so when I entered the sessions my heart was often racing and my anxiety was at full capacity. Corinne’s group meditation sessions were soothing and always had me departing calm and ready to take on the next challenge in my day!! It was also interesting to hear her talk about the science behind it and the various studies supporting the different types of meditation. I never knew there were so many variations! You should definitely join her next session and see for yourself!”

Brianna Jackson

US Navy Engineer

"A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors is a great little book full of practical tips to connect spiritual and achieve greater levels of success. Read it. Apply it and thrive!"

John Assaraf

CEO NeuroGym

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